Our Story

How it all started...

Lewistown AG had its beginnings in 1946. Several custom cutters came to Judith Gap with their combines for the wheat harvest that year. God sent two evangelists taking the summer off to rest their throats with them. They held services in an old congregational church in the area. Gundar Olsen followed the evangelists as the minister for about 2 years before leaving for the
mission field.

In 1950 J. H. Arneson arrived and held services in Judith Gap on Sunday morning, and in an airplane hangar in Moore on Sunday evenings. Prayer meetings were held in Buffalo on Friday evenings. This schedule continued from 1950-1953. Then, in March of 1953, Rev. Thomas F.
Johnston assumed the pastorate conducting the first services in the present facility in June of

Johnston served until 1965. He was followed by M. K. Peterson (1965-1967), Roy Southard (1967-1969), and Paul Goodman (1969-1976). Under Pastor Goodman’s leadership, the church experienced a time of growth and unity. Goodman was followed by Wayne Snyder (1976-1977), Rodney Speed (1977-1979), Mike Thorness (1979-1981), Verlin Munson (1981-1983), Don Baker (1983-1993), and Randy Bjerken (1993-1995). Pastor Bjerken officially renamed the church New Life Assembly of God in January of 1994. J. D. Watson followed the
Bjerkens (1995-2002), until Ken and Brenda Loss came in August of 2002.
In his resignation letter dated April 25, 1965, Pastor Thomas F. Johnston wrote,

“As I survey this field, of His harvest, I consider that the grain has never been
whiter, the opportunity for an abundant ingathering has never been more great. “You, the people of this church, have lived the testimony of Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit power before the community….You have tilled the soil. You have planted the seed. God will give the increase. A harvest is due!
“I feel so certain of this harvest that the prospects of it fills my soul beyond

Pastor Johnston’s words were, and continue to be, prophetic. May the spirit of those words written to this congregation 54 years ago ring in the hearts of everyone who joins NLA to be about God’s work until He comes. The fields are ripe. The harvest is ready. Nothing matters more than souls! Join us as we
labor together with the Lord in this field until He comes!

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:00 am and 10:30 am.